Translate Direct won first place at Hack the Gap!

heatherlee nguyen

Translate Direct, my service innovation won 1st place at a (virtual) hackathon this weekend! I’m so grateful the judges saw my vision. Thank you Hack the Gap! I’m going after this idea. This is a real problem right now (and it always was) and I care about fixing it.

[To watch the demo video (below) please reach out for the password. Would love your thoughts!]

What’s next? I’m looking for people willing to watch my short video demoing the concept. If one of these bullet points fits you, and you’d be willing to email back & forth, get on a call with me, or demo this service, please reach out!

Looking to connect with:
• ESL Teachers (and staff)
• Teachers and administrative staff at language/immersion schools
• Public servants: care givers, community organizers, volunteers regularly communicating with bilingual and/or non-English speaking families
• Anyone specifically working with multilingual communities during this crisis

The survey I circulated during the hackathon is still open. Add your perspective right here:

(Thank you for sharing with your network).


TᕼE IᑎᗪIE ᑕOᑎᔕᑌᒪTᗩᑎT
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I’m Heatherlee. An independent research and design consultant with a background in UX, a passion for service design, an interest in biomimicry and a stake in your strategy. I’m passionate about helping you bridge the gap between your product teams and the people you design for.

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